Our Story

Yellowtail. Building the right software solutions right, since 2006

As part of the Dutch-based Yellowtail Group, we have established ourselves as an expert outsource bespoke software development company with an impeccable track record. We develop successful solutions for businesses across Africa and Europe.

We believe that you don’t have to be like everyone else to do what they do – in fact, if you’re a bit different, chances are you will do things better. That’s why we make a point to hire the top developers from across the African continent, creating a diverse team full of people who think differently because of their varied backgrounds. We have a much higher ratio of female technical staff compared to other IT companies, which adds to our dynamic culture and raises the lateral thinking bar in our development teams.

Yellowtail is led by Kornelis Miske, the company’s very first developer in 2006, who became an architect, then a manager, and is now the MD.

At Yellowtail we love developing successful software. We are a close-knit group of people (some would call us nerds) taking immense pride in developing high quality software solutions. Ask any of our clients about our track record of developing high quality software, and delivering it on time. Let us do the same for you.” – Kornelis Miske

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