• Technology and the Business of Law
    “The practice of Law is shrinking.  The business of Law is expanding.” ~ Mark A Cohen With the ever-increasing challenges law firms are faced with, it has become imperative for legal practitioners to work smarter and not just harder.  As such completing legal functions at an increased speed while maintaining the highest standard of quality, is critical to the success […]
  • Planning for Change – A Strategy
    How does one manage to deliver exceptional software on a project that is constantly subject to large changes in scope, direction, and tooling? Based on our collective experience in many, excessively fluid projects, we share some of the strategies we’ve refined over the years, that we’ve found to be invaluable in taking “unforeseen changes” in our stride.
  • The effect of Gigaba’s VAT increase on IT systems
    This past week in South Africa has been particularly interesting with the announcement of a proposed increase of VAT from 14% to 15%. We’ve seen many comments in the IT community, lightheartedly poking fun at those guilty of hard-coding “1.14” somewhere deep inside their source code. It’s hard not to imagine hearing nervous laughter in the IT departments of organisations that use […]
  • From Living Blueprints to Real Solutions
    When it comes to building software, all too often a trade-off exists between the short-term cost and urgency and the longer-term vision, quality, and sustainability. But, what if there is a way to get the best of both worlds? Rapid time to market, maximum flexibility and agility, all the while never compromising quality…

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