IliosTravel is a tour organizing company that is able to cater to a variety of client needs ranging from Transfer products, Activities and Escorted tour products to bundled Multi-centre speciality products made available in standard, private or luxury options and operated by English or foreign language guides for a unique experience.

Ilios challenges

  • Accessible, flexible and user-friendly administrative system.
  • Maintaining an extensive product base
  • Managing product pricing across an extensive product base
  • Efficient Operations scheduling and management of resource assignment to bookings
  • Managing invoices vs bookings and partner statements.
  • Report generation and access to large volumes of data across the organisation.
  • Expose an API
  • Integrated service offerings

What we deliver

Thus far Yellowtail has delivered a fully configurable and extensible system consisting of a number of diverse modules that enable ease of use and the management of large volumes of product, pricing, resource, bookings, operations and financial data. Many of the former manually conducted tasks have been replaced by automation for accessibility, efficiency and error reduction.

Future Development

The introduction of an Auto scheduling feature to allot the appropriate field staff member, vehicles and guide to bookings.

Benefits to users

  • Flexible product categorisation and product creation.
  • The addition of pricing modules that may be flexibly applied to products and enables automated calculations within bookings and per booking item.
  • Booking items are easily accessed by the Operations team for controlled assignment of resources as resources are pre-defined and categorised across the range of products and per specialised skill set.
  • Field staff have access to all of their waybills as per their assigned bookings.
  • Auto/manual invoice and statement generation allows the Ilios team control over their financials and financial reporting to 3rd parties.
  • Ilios management is extremely reliant on accurate reporting and the reporting module allows for easily accessible and flexible reporting across the various modules
  • The exposed Ilios API enables easy access to user, product and booking information for external partner users.