As attorneys try to keep up with the demanding pace of running a legal practice, the demand for transparency and real-time correspondence with customers of legal services has increased.  After deep-diving into the business needs of modern legal practice, Yellowtail Managing Director, Kornelis Miske, collaborated with industry thought leaders, such as Ben Groot, in addressing these needs.  This led to the conceptualization and development of Lexa, the app that establishes an open communication channel between you and your clients, tailor-made for legal firms.

Lexa’s challenge

Lexa needed to integrate with a variety of legal software systems and bookkeeping programs, used by law firms.  Accurate data aggregation lies at the core of Lexa’s success as it eliminates duplication of work by legal staff.

What we delivered

We developed a data aggregator and web-based application that facilitates communication between the attorney and client.  By seamlessly fitting in with current operational software used by law firms, Lexa succeeds in improving time efficiency of legal practitioners and enhancing the client’s experience.  Lexa affords the client access to information, communication, documentation and billing information, whenever the client needs it, without delay.

Benefits for Attorneys

  • Using Lexa does not detract from the firm’s revenue stream;
  • Reduced interruptions;
  • Attorneys do not need to leave income-generating work to give updates;
  • Improved service delivery;
  • Improved collaboration;
  • Compliance with Legal Practice Act;

Benefits for Clients

  • Updated information when the client needs it;
  • Improved service delivery;
  • Monitor progress – client can see that the matter is progressing as it should;
  • Secure sharing of information;
  • Standard documents can be created cheaply and when needed;
  • Helicopter view of all matters, even with different law firms;

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