Yellowtail joins MultiChain Partner Program

Yellowtail Software is proud to announce it has joined the MultiChain Partner Program as both a Platform Partner and a Product Partner.

MultiChain is a Permissioned Blockchain Platform created by the UK-based Coin Sciences Ltd. The platform, derived from the Bitcoin Core software, supports the creation and deployment of permissioned Blockchains, within or between organizations. It overcomes a key obstacle in the deployment of Blockchain technology in the institutional financial sector, by providing the privacy and control required.

Yellowtail has been actively involved in exploring multiple Blockchain technologies for some time now, with much time dedicated in particular to permissioned Blockchains. It is therefore particularly exciting to align with the platform that we have, so far, dedicated a majority of our time to.

As a Platform Partner we unlock the power of the Blockchain, tailored to your business through bespoke software utilising the MultiChain platform. We collaborate with the decision makers and technical leaders of your business to educate through training, explore through workshops, and prototype through labs. We walk you through the entire journey from conception to realisation.

Yellowtail Software’s Blockchain SaaS product, fuzoDNA, has joined as a MultiChain Product Partner. This product promises to launch publicly soon, but in the meantime, you can read our whitepaper here.

To read more about the MultiChain platform, read the whitepaper here.

To find out more about how Yellowtail can help you begin to unlock the potential of Blockchain in your business, Contact Us .