Yellowtail presents at FinTech Rising Africa

As part of the international FinTech community, Yellowtail had the honour to present and share knowledge at the FinTech Rising Africa conference in Cape Town. Maarten Boddeus, who is responsible for Yellowtail's consulting activities, enjoyed sharing his expertise with the audience. Where today FinTech focuses a lot on payments and retail banking, there is a whole world to discover in the savings, investment and insurance areas, as well as on automated advice. In his speech, Maarten shed some light on case studies of Yellowtail’s FinTech experience, highlighting integration and aggregation capabilities, as well as sharing some examples of robo-advice solutions. In our digital future, more and more complex consumer processes will go online, hence it is key to understand user experience, as well as being able to orchestrate business processes, by integrating multiple complex systems. A nice opportunity to engage, share knowledge and make new contacts.