Figlo is a FinTech platform, that enables the advisor and the consumer to make a financial plan form a consumer centric perspective. This includes investment advice, pension advice, life & disability insurance, mortgage advice and goal based investment. Whilst doing that,  the platform takes in account taxes, assets & liabilities, current & future income and expenses and all financial products a person or family has. It provides holistic advice, cash flow based planning with the consumer at the centre of it.

Filgo consists of a sound financial planning engine plus a flexible widget based layer that caters for flexible application in the digital world. Based on that flexible layer solutions as robo -advice, digital execution only services, self-help financial planning and way more can be developed on top og the planning engine. 

Figlo’s challenge

Where Figlo’s core business consists of improving and developing the core platform, there was a big demand for implementation and integration services. Figlo needed a partner with understanding of the business of financial planning and technology to service the demand for corporates on implementation services.

What we delivered

Yellowtail has been an implementation partner for Figlo for years. We’ve designed, developed, integrated and implement custom solutions and integrations for the Figlo platform. Our consultants helped Figlo clients with design of online solutions in the financial planning domain, our developers assisted in the realisation of tailor made front end solutions and our integration specialists designed and developed the interfacing to make it function in the right banking environment. We’ve delivered tangible results for more than ten implementations of the Figlo platform in banks and insurance companies in the Netherlands.

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